Church Property Group

Church Property Group is a division of PGM Properties, LLC (PGM). PGM is a full service real estate development company in Nashville, TN ( Church Property Group is a ministry, using PGM as a platform, to assist churches in making prudent decisions as it relates to their real estate holdings. Churches go through cycles and we are assist those churches/congregations with finding worship space and facilities as they grow as well as helping other groups to “repurpose” facilities that are no longer being used by a congregation.

We look to use our collective experience to advise churches on being good stewards of what God has entrusted to them. We regularly communicate with church leadership at the Convention and local levels to see where Church Property Group may help.

We service the Tennessee area as well as the Southeastern US.

Listing: Franklin Christian Church



Diane Adcock
1+(615) 370 -8381

Scott McReynolds
1+(615) 498-7149